Mechanical Design, Product Development, Distance learning course on plastics
When a client brings us his new idea, often by e-mail, an important feedback begins to take place and once we have clearly understood which the client's desire is, the drafting phase begins.

We usually take a couple of days to estimate a quotation of this phase, according to a certain value per working hour. If the client give us his approval, we will send to him several drawings (often being 3D models) in order to share ideas but always taking into account not only how their look and performance are but also their complexity, which obviously will relate with the final cost of the future involved tooling which will be necessary for the production.

At this point, and supossing that the client agrees with a final model or scheme, he may ask us for going on with the following phases, which may be the manufacturing and/or the design of the tooling (for instance, injection or thermoforming molds) or just the manufacturing of a prototype or a single device (this is usually the case of a special instrument, an electrical circuit or a machine). The other possibility is, of course, to stop at the point of the drafting phase or the 3D final model (or plane of the circuit, scheme of the device, etc.).

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